2015 Studio and Payroll House Contacts

Actors often need to contact a studio or payroll house directly to change their listed address, or to obtain or ask questions
about their W2 tax forms. With that in mind, below are the various phone or fax numbers for some of the major studios and payroll houses.

In most instances you will be asked to fax in a signed letter indicating your needs (i.e. change of address, duplicate W-2) plus your personal information including your name, address, and social security number.

WARNING: Sometimes these contact numbers change yearly or even month to month. We will be updating these contact numbers as we determine their on-going validity:

(p) = Phone Number    (f) = Fax Number

American Residuals & Talent
(p) 603.323.8726
Cast & Crew
(p) 818.848.6022
(f)  818.848.2965
Columbia / SONY / TRI-Star/
Corday Prods C/o CPT Holdings
& SPE Services

(p) 310.665.6475
(f) 310.665.6771
Entertainment Partners
(p) 818 955.6184.
(f) 818.848.0254
Film Payment Media Services
(p) 310.471.9386
(f) 310.254.1773
(p) 310.369.4890
(p) 310.369.3311 (1099 hotline)
(f) 310.969.0227 (for 1099)
Highland Talent Payments Inc.
(p) 440.646.0090
(f) 440.646.0096
MGM / UA Communications
(p)  310-449-3240
(f)   310-449-3047

Nashville Talent Payment Inc.
(p) 615.370.8538
(f) 615.377.9431

NBC Universal
(p) 855.474.6228
(f) 818.866.3805
(p) 866.808.6401 ext.4
(1099 hotline)
NPI Production Services
(p) 818.566.7878
(f) 818.478.3079
CONTACT: Erin@NPIPayroll.com
Paramount Pictures/CBS
(p) 323.956.5340
(f)  323.862.0283
PayReel Inc.
(p) 303.526.4900
(f) 303.526.4901
after hours cell
PDEI / Payday, Inc.
(p) 818.859.7640
(f) 818.859.7648

RPI-Residual Payments, Inc
(p) 310.471.9386
(f) 310.472.9979
(W-2 at bottom of page)

(p) 323.549.6776        
ext 2 to change address              
Sessions Payroll
Management Inc

(p) 818.841.5202
(f) 818.841.9112
Talent Partners
(p) 312.923.7900
(f) 312.943.7983

TEAM Services
(p) 818.558.3261
(f) 818.558.3263

Walt Disney Productions
(p) 818.558.2931
(f) 818.558.2933
Warner Bros.
(p) 818.954.4636
(f) 818.977.0621