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Please, the Tax Packet MUST be filled out BEFORE you call for your appointment. This is to make sure that appointment times are not lost when clients call to cancel meeting times because they haven't finished the packet. This doubles the work in our office and costs our associates money for lost times that another client may have been able to use.

Additionally, some clients are wondering why, if the IRS is no longer allowing for miscellaneous deductions, we want the packet completed. This is because you may need to use the write-offs against possible cash income you have made, but more importantly, the States are still permitting the use of these expenses on their returns. Not using them could cost you hundreds, and maybe thousands of dollars. If we don't know what you spent, we can't include them on your return.

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If you have any problems downloading or printing these packets, feel free to call the office and we will be happy
to mail (or Email) you a copy.